Food Packaging & Catering Supplies

If you provide catering disposables then they probably matter to you, because all those disposable coffee cups and serviettes symbolise your business and the products you supply. If they look cheap and they’re of poor quality, then your customers will be talking about it. You’d be surprised how much a disposable coffee cup or polystyrene cup means to the customers as much as the contents.

Is it heat protected?

Is it easy to hold?

Is it something you want to be seen with?

We understand this because it’s our business to understand it. We make sure that all our catering disposables are attractive, functional and disposable in a way that can be recycled safely. The disposable coffee cups have a strong grip to avoid splashes and spills and the serviettes don’t just come in simple white, they come in all shades with a choice of over 10 colours.

You can choose a colour that matches your company’s logo.

We are a food packaging suppliers that provide good quality catering disposables which include cardboard food packaging that can be easily recycled.

Our prices are competitive.

We can deliver next day or within 48 hours.

We provide hinged foam meal boxes, perfect for takeaways and snack vans in a variety of sizes to suit the kind of food you provide. We also sell hinged salad boxes, which your customers may choose to use again, recyclable cardboard cup holders and plastic cutlery – all you need to provide your customers with first rate quality packaging to match the first rate quality food you give them.

Food packaging that looks every bit as good as the food you provide.

We’re a small team dedicated to providing an excellent customer service.

It’s a match made in heaven.

Our food packaging – your food.