Cleaning supplies & Chemicals.

At SDS we’re proud of our commercial cleaning products. We make sure we have the exact tools you need so that your environment isn’t just clean, but super clean. If you’re working with food, this is a priority.

Health and Safety Regulations make it imperative to ensure clean surfaces, ovens, utensils, or any area where you serve food is, to be spotless. Areas must to be cleaned to an exceptionally high standard – it’s important.

We know you care about this – because we do too. It’s as important to us as it is to you.

We’re cleaning chemical suppliers that provide everything YOU need to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. That includes products of high value that do exactly what you want them to, with clear instructions on the packaging to ensure ease of use.

We provide janitorial supplies, cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning products, so whichever part of your business needs cleaning we have exactly what you need to get it right.

We have different types of scourers, bin liners, valette colour coded cloths; everything you’d need to keep food surfaces and bathrooms clean and free from germs.

Our prices are competitive and we provide next day delivery throughout Scotland, and if we can’t provide next day delivery, then the latest we can deliver is within 48 hrs.

We’re a small dedicated team and we’re ready to take your order.
So call us now and make sure you’ve got what you need….