Paper Hand Towels and Paper Rolls

You’re liable to go through hundreds of paper hand towels and paper rolls in a year. Yes, paper hand towels, those ubiquitous items we see in every toilet, in every kitchen, every gym, every nursery or office.

We need them, your staff need them, your customers need them. It often feels like we can never get enough of them.

Whichever way you take your paper hand towels we can provide you with every shape and size of paper towel you need, so your paper towel dispenser is never empty.

Our paper towels are absorbent, hard wearing and do exactly what you want them too. We only provide good quality products that are both reliable and effective.

Whether you’re in an office or a nursery, if you want reliable, tough absorbent paper towels for those spontaneous spills that happen when you’re least expecting it, then let us provide you with the remedy.

Our prices are competitive with introductory offers and as we’re only a small team, you’re guaranteed the attention and service you need. We’re old fashioned in that respect – we value our customers enough to provide a first class customer service, not something every business will offer.

If you’re looking for next day delivery we’ve got it covered.

The latest we deliver is within 48 hrs.

So the next time you have an accident and you’ve found the paper roll empty…

Call us…we’re here to help.